Throughout its run, "Passions" always had a gracious cast. In fact, of the 60 actors who appeared in at least 100 episodes of "Passions", 47 of the 56 that I wrote an autograph request to responded (as well as 3 actors who appeared in less than 100 episodes: Owen Bush, Sky McDougall and Mary Elizabeth Winstead). (Requests were not sent to "Precious", baby Nicole Cox, child Colton Shires or newcomer Phillip Jeanmarie). The only original castmember not to respond was Jesse Metcalfe (Miguel). The other 8 actors who did not respond to autograph requests were: Cathy Jeneen Doe (Simone), Bruce Michael Hall (Reese), Jack Krizmanich (John), John Reilly (Alistair), James Stevenson (Jared), Leigh Taylor-Young (Katherine), Adrian Wilson (Chris) and Mark Cameron Wystrach (Fox). All requests were made through the mail to the "Passions" studio, and self-addressed stamped envelopes were included for the actors to use (always best to send one, it helps get more replies that way).

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