Every actor who played the same character for at least eight episodes has a picture featured on this site. The actors below appeared in at least eight episodes, not as the same character, but in various different roles.
Susan Angelo
Various Nurses
Karen Bailey
Various Roles
Namrata Singh Gujral
Various Nurses
Deborah Flora
Various Nurses
Roger L. Jackson
Various Voices
Christopher Johnston
Various Cops
Gunther Jensen
Various Security Guards
Cyndi Martino
Various Nurses
Sharon Madden
Various Nurses
Michael Masini
Various Bartenders
Tim Lounibos
Various Doctors
Jan Haley-Soule
Crane Maid Wendy & Other Roles
Chad Strawn
Various Cops
Tom Wyner
Various Roles
Mark A. Neely
Various Prison Guards
Diane Sellers
Various Nurses
CAMERA SHY: Louis Farrah as Various Paramedics (2003-2006) & Troy Robertson as Various Roles (2001-2003).
SPECIAL GUESTS...Long-time actors & special guest stars who appeared briefly in Harmony.
Xander Bailey as Edmund Sinclair (2005), David Bailey's real-life son.
Maria Celeste Arraras as Herself (2002), Univision news anchor.
Candice Azzara as Female Retiree (2002).
Long-time comic actress.
Frances Bay as Old Woman (2001). Long-time character actress.
Eve Brenner as Older Woman (2006). Long-time character actress.
L. Scott Caldwell as Clinic Counselor (2001). Now stranded as Rose on "Lost."
Melissa Caulfield in various roles (1999,2001,2005), Juliet Mills' real-life daughter.
Fritz Coleman as Weatherman (2001), KNBC's long-time weatherman.
Nikki Cox as Mary Connell (2005), appearing as her character from "Las Vegas."
Rick Dees as Himself (2002), long-time radio personality.
Andrea Elson as Flight Attendant (2001).
Daughter on 80's sitcom "ALF."
Bernard Fox as Dr. Bombay (1999-2000). Appeared as his "Bewitched" character.
Judge Mablean Ephriam as Herself (2003), TV judge.
Victoria Gotti as Herself (2004), John Gotti's ex-wife.
M. C. Gainey as Bubba (2003). One of the others on "Lost."
Lindze Letherman as Rosie (1999, 2001), Georgie on "General Hospital."
Charlie Lapson as Himself (2004), clothing designer.
Jay Leno as Himself (2000), "Tonight Show" host.
Robert Horry as Himself (1999), NBA player.
The Scissor Sisters as Themselves (2007), singing group.
Tracy Lindsey Melchior as Renee (2000), Kristen on "The Bold and the Beautiful."
Mya as Herself (2003), singer.
Ellen Travolta as Alice (1999).
Long-time actress and John Travolta's sister.
Jerry Springer as Larry Winger (2001), TV host.
Omarosa Manigault Stallworth as Herself (2004), "Apprentice" contestant.


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