2005 marks two special milestones for "Days of Our Lives." In February, "Days" aired its 10,000th episode, the first soap opera ever to reach that milestone for NBC. In November, "Days" celebrates forty years on the air. On the following pages, take a look back at four decades of "Days of Our Lives" couples (and a few triangles). Even with six full pages of photos, this does not represent every couple ever on "Days." If you have a scan of any couples missing (either color or black & white scans), please email them to Jason47.

     On the six pages below are many of "Days" famous, and not so famous, romantic pairings. See how many you can remember, and how many are new to you. They are all placed in random order, instead of by year, to bring together the "Days" family from 1965 through 2005. From Salem's first couples of Tom and Alice, Tony and Marie, and Addie and Ben from 1965; to the 1970's Mickey and Maggie, Doug and Julie as well as daytime's first interracial pairing, Valerie and David; to the supercouples of the 1980's: Shane and Kimberly, Roman and Marlena, Kayla and Steve, Bo and Hope; to the 1990's couples of Jack and Jennifer, Abe and Lexie, John and Marlena; to the present-day pairings of Sami and Lucas, Belle and Philip, Brady and Chloe, and Roman and Kate; they are all here plus many more!


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