ABOVE: Frances Reid, former star of "Portia Faces Life", stars in the new soap opera "Days of Our Lives" as Alice Horton, the wife of Macdonald Carey's Tom Horton.
ABOVE: Veteran film star Macdonald Carey will star as Dr. Thomas Horton in the new soap opera "Days of Our Lives," premiering Monday, November 8 on NBC.
Please Note: This website has just been created to promote NBC's newest soap opera, "Days of Our Lives", premiering this Monday, November 8 at 2PM on most NBC affiliates. It will be one of the first soaps to premiere in the half-hour format, and also the first-ever to premiere in color!


"Days-By-Days" Previews. Plus scripts of the entire first week of episodes.


Carr cast as Bill Horton. Search for Laura on. Days cast guests on many primetime shows! Filming begins. Two key parts recast. "Days" News Central.
Episode Firsts: What episode did each actor debut? Days Stats.
Current Cast List: Who plays who? Cast List.
Week-To-Week Guest Stars: Who's appearing each week as a guest this month?
Birthday List: Ages updated for 1966! Who shares your birthday? Birthday List.
Actor Stats: Middle names, married names and more! "Days" Actor Stats.
1965-Present Cast List: All principal parts listed. All-Time Cast List.

Biographies/Pictures of all the cast.

Contract Actors:

Guest Actors For Premiere Week:

Marriages/Full Names/Birthdates/Parents: "Dates" of Our Lives
Homes/Jobs: Complete list of all the sets.

The Crew: Producers, Writers and more: Days Crew
Airdate Schedule: When is the show preempted next?
TV Schedule: See what's on all-day when "Days" premieres on Monday!

Promotional Photos: Behind-the-scenes pictures of the first few days in Salem, USA
A Look Back: A 1950 article about Frances Reid and her husband

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