99 months...427 weeks...2,077 episodes

"Passions": A tribute to its eight years on NBC

"Passions" Cast Pictorial: A Commemorative Yearbook

Year-By-Year Episode Rankings

Extra Stats

Monthly Stats By Actor: Pages One, Two, Three, Four

25 actors who appeared on both shows

Passions Scripts

Pilot Script First Scene (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

In Loving Memory:

James E. Reilly (1948-2008)
David Bailey (1933-2004)
Owen Bush (1921-2001)
Josh Ryan Evans (1982-2002)
Alice Ghostley (1926-2007)
Harrison Young (1930-2005)
Thank you to all the cast and crew of "Passions" for nine great years! It was fun watching every episode and keeping track of all the stats. Jason47


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